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How it Works


Step One

After sign up we will confirm a pickup address and contact info. Then we will drop off your composting gear complete with a countertop bin and collection bucket!

Step Two

Collect your compostable food waste in your countertop bin while you cook and store it in the fridge when you're done.


Try to place your bin by the trash or where you prepare food to remind yourself about the compost initiative. 


Step Three

When it comes close to your pick up day put all of the waste you collected into the 5 gallon bucket.


Step Four

Collection Day! Please have your bucket in an easily accessible area for us to pickup and exchange for a clean collection bucket.


Subscription Plans

Our residential plan is $39 a month  for 1 pickup a week or 29$ a month for 1 pickup every 2 weeks. These plans include an odor filtering countertop bin and collection bucket. When your compost collection bucket is collected you will be supplied with a clean bucket.

If you don't want us to pick up from your residence then check out our Drop Off Plan. We hold two compost drop off events per month where you can give us your food, paper, & cardboard waste!