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What We Do

We have big dreams and ideas about the world's waste and it's many uses even outside of compost. To start we are picking up vegetable, fruit, and other food waste from residential and commercial clients on a weekly basis and centralizing the waste to our compost pile locations for a monthly subscription fee. Once processed, we will deliver this compost to local farmers and gardeners in need.

The Benefits of Compost

Composting is much more than throwing organic waste on the ground that eventually becomes dirt. It's a sustainable human practice dating back hundreds of years; composting completes the loop between production and consumption by returning the nutrients we worked so hard to create back into the ground. 


Reduce Costs for Food Producers and Consumers

Most compost and other fertilizers used on farms and gardens in Hawaii are imported. Locally produced compost will cut food production costs and the food will be higher quality as well. In turn food costs for consumers will decline as well.

Introduce Beneficial Microorganisms

Compost piles attract important microorganisms from the environment and quickly break down organic waste. Even after applying compost to crops they remain in the finished compost and make their way into the ground where they improve soil quality and promote plant root growth.

Cut Greenhouse Emissions from Landfills & Incineration

In Hawaii non-recycled waste such as commercial and residential food waste is incinerated for energy and buried in landfills; incineration and the conditions of landfills promote greenhouse gas emissions like methane. Composting puts this waste to work for the health of the environment. 

Support Small Local Businesses and Sustainability Research

Hawaii is forced to import compost and fertilizers, taking money from the island. The Kaimuki Compost Collective aims to work with local small businesses and help cut costs. We also aim to use our scientific backgrounds to research and achieve alternative methods to divert waste and process it into other useful materials.

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